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March 17, 2019

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Written by:

Angela Michele Tilghman

Illustrated by: 

Almar Denso


I Can Only Imagine:  The Schoolhouse and the Presidency After 44


  • Chapter 10: Book Club Meeting

    Our celebrated author Angela Tilghman takes each reader on a wonderful personal journey through the hallowed halls and classrooms of a D.C.Public School. Readers will be immersed in the "Day to Day" matriculation of elementary boys and girls, accessing public education in our Nation's Capitol.  

    Tilghman's illustrations are so rich and descriptive; that for a very brief moment, I found myself once again as a  DCPS elementary student.

    Come and take an enjoyable and exciting journey back down memory lane for some,or for others a peak into public education excellence. It's an easy and delightful read, and you will not want to put it down. Add this one to your personal library of "Best Reads" of 2019.

    Dr. Dale A. Talbert
    Deputy Superintendent of Schools,
    Willingboro Public Schools, New Jersey
  • Chapter 7: Perfect Attendance Field Trip
    "I Can Only Imagine" - how difficult, how exhausting, how tiring and possibly how depressing it could be to re-teach or re-train children after hearing negative role models on the news and social media.  
    Thank you Ms. Tilghman,  for sharing the three basic rules to live by - that can guide children and adults in elementary school  all the way to Capital Hill and to the White House.
    Thank you educators.  Keep the faith - keep learning !  
    Dr. Patricia Mabry
    Director of Early Learning
  • Chapter 4: The Spelling Bee
    I Can Only Imagine: The Schoolhouse And The Presidency After 44 by Angela Michele Tilghman, a highly successful and credible educator, loudly echoes the concerns and frustrations that the vast majority of Americans have in regard to the current very caustic political environment in our country. To our horror, the goals of respectful and responsible behaviors needed for productive coexistence have been obliterated in exchange for greed and other political gains.
    On a daily basis, our children who are our “precious seed for tomorrow” witness some of our top political leaders model the exchange of despicable communications via multimedia. Hopefully, the very timely release of Angela Tilghman’s book will help to bring the focus, attention and direction needed NOW!
    Gloria Henderson
  • Chapter 9: Aftercare

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Thank you so much for your purchase.  Proceeds from this book will join with UNICEF USA and MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” in an ambitious campaign called K.I.N.D.: Kids in Need of Desks to provide desks to eager young learners. Every day, 70% of children in Malawi, Africa struggle to learn while sitting on the ground. Giving them a desk empowers their educational journey and fuels their dreams for the future.

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